Getting Started with 4x4

A big part of 4WDing is making sure you're adequately prepared for the conditions you're heading into, but when you're just starting out, this can be quite a daunting process. On the pages below we've put together a few tips to help out, and of course there's plenty of extra information available from books to websites, to your local ARB store or 4x4 club and obviously, your fellow 4WDers!

  • Road to Recovery

    An article reprinted with permission by Scott Brady on the world's best vehicle recovery kits.

  • Selecting Shocks

    Twin Tubes, Mono Tubes, Remote Canisters – What’s Right For You?

  • So What's the Diff?

    A quick and dirty explanation of differentials, what they do, and why you might need them.

  • Vehicle Selection

    Some people buy a 4WD and then plan to go off road, others plan to go off road then buy a 4WD. No matter which of the above applies to you, there are many decisions to be made that will influence what type of 4WD you purchase.

  • How To Prepare Your Vehicle

    So you’ve picked up your new truck and can’t wait to start fitting it out. You’ve read the websites, flicked through the catalogues and produced a list of all the goodies you want to buy. So what’s next?

  • Traveler's Checklist

    Although throwing a swag on the roof and just heading bush may sound like a great idea, being well prepared will make your trip far more enjoyable and hassle free.

  • General Driving Techniques

    A good list of techniques for different conditions, the 4WD code of ethics, and other driving information.

  • Recovery Techniques & Equipment

    Personal safety and the protection of property are paramount when considering 4WD recovery. We'll tell you our best way to go about it.

Products For Your Vehicle

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