All-In-One On-Board Air System

26th November, 2019

An on-board air system should be one of the first modifications made to any vehicle that will see dirt or gravel roads. To improve traction and ride comfort, you should always lower your tire pressures when leaving pavement, and for the return trip, you’ll need a fast and reliable way of reinflating the tires.

For drivers looking for a complete on-board air solution, look no further than an ARB Air Compressor Kit. Offered in a single-motor (CKMA12) and twin-motor (CKMTA12) configuration, there is a kit to fit your needs.

The single-motor compressor kit, CKMA12KIT, is perfect for inflating up to a 35″ tire and activating ARB Air Lockers®, while the twin-motor compressor kit, CKMTA12KIT, provides more output to fill tires up to a 40” or use pneumatic tools (with optional tank) and actuate ARB Air Lockers®.

SIngle Compressor Kit Includes:

  1. Quantity 1: Single Compressor
  2. Quantity 1: Universal Compressor Bracket
  3. Quantity 1: Pump-Up Kit
  4. Quantity 1: Digital Tire Inflator

Twin Compressor Kit Includes:

  1. Quantity 1: Twin Compressor
  2. Quantity 1: Universal Compressor Bracket
  3. Quantity 1: Pump-Up Kit
  4. Quantity 1: Digital Tire Inflator
  5. Quantity 1: Manifold Kit

Compressor Specifications



Air Flow

(no load at 0PSI)

Air Flow

(under load at 29PSI)

Duty Cycle

Tested Inflation Times – 15-30 PSI


Single Motor

3.08 CFM

2.34 CFM

50%, 30/30

35” Tire – 3:00 Min.


Twin Motor

6.16 CFM

6.16 CFM

100%, 60/0

35” Tire – 1:00 Min.

Kit Components

Universal Compressor Bracket

The ARB Universal Compressor Bracket allows you to install a CKMTA, CKMA, or CKSA with optional accessories as needed to integrate your ARB Compressor into your vehicle. The bracket is a perfect solution for the bed of a pickup, under the seat, or the back of an SUV where space permits.

Digital Tire Inflator

It’s vital to carry proper air pressure equipment in your vehicle, especially when traveling off-road. The ARB Digital Tire Inflator makes checking and adjusting tire pressure easy with its large easy to read backlit display, thumb-operated inflator lever, and easy access deflator bleed button.

Pump-Up Kit

The ARB Pump-Up kit is the perfect accessory for the vehicle-mounted compressor range. This allows you to use your CKMA12 or CKMTA12 ARB Air Compressor to quickly plug in a heavy-duty air hose and air up tires after a day on the trail. The pump-up kit includes a quality 20ft air hose, air accessory kit, and a t-fitting for in-line connection of an air chuck and pressure switch.


Designed to work seamlessly with the ARB Twin-Motor Air Compressors (CKMTA12), the ARB Manifold kit enables easy installation of Air Locker® solenoids, ARB Pump-Up Kit, and other air-related accessories with the use of the multiple ports.

Recommended Additional Components

Compressor Switch Wiring Harness Extension

Mounting air compressors in modern day vehicles has become more of a challenge as engine bay configurations in today’s vehicles don’t necessarily allow sufficient room for any additional accessories. As a result, we see air compressors mounted in many different locations both internally and externally of the vehicle. To accommodate these installation locations, ARB has introduced an engineered, reliable and quality 9’10” compressor switch wiring harness extension that allows the compressor to mounted in a more convenient location.