Coming Summer 2021

ARB announces a strategic collaboration with Ford Motor Company to develop a full suite of premium, aftermarket products for the all-new Ford Bronco. For the last few years, ARB has been working hand-in-hand with Ford designers and engineers to ensure each ARB accessory not only complements the Bronco’s heritage and performance, but is fully integrated into the original vehicle design.

This strategic collaboration consists of ARB engineers and designers working together with their counterparts at Ford Motor Company. Chassis structural design, roof load-carrying capacity, suspension travel, snorkel air intake, air systems routing, fridge/freezer wiring, and other salient details necessitated not only CAD and vehicles, but more critically, access to the subject-matter experts who made the new Bronco a reality. The working relationship between Dearborn and Melbourne has driven a portfolio of innovative accessory solutions for Bronco customers ready for vehicle launch.

The full suite of Bronco accessories from ARB will be available to new Bronco customers this summer through over 1,000 Ford dealerships and authorized ARB retailers throughout North America.

Follow along in our journey from design, engineering, prototypes and more.

Designing Products for the New Ford Bronco – A World Away

The ARB approach to designing and engineering aftermarket accessories is light-years ahead of simply figuring out what fits. The accessories we build are designed to enhance vehicle performance, capability, and comfort. Finding that balance means working with original equipment manufacturers to fully understand why they made decisions including materials, weight, torque, balance, and so much more. Learn More

ARB Bronco in Moab, Utah