Engineering Product for the New Ford Bronco – A World Away

Designers are the visionaries. Their sketches and models are a creative expression of what could be. They allow us to dream and reach for the new and different.

Engineers, however, build reality. Their task is to ensure a beautiful design can live up to the real-world physics of animal strikes and exposure to the elements. When they first sat down with the joint ARB-Ford design team to review plans for the new Bronco, ARB engineers saw far more potential in what could be done with Ford’s new platform. 

Ford engineered the new Bronco with the aftermarket in mind. In a landmark effort, choice industry partners like ARB were brought in years before the public would get a first glimpse of the classic vehicle’s redesign. Their task was to make the platform compatible with a myriad of consumer modifications. Modularity is built into this Bronco’s DNA, but never at the expense of performance.


The front bumper is a perfect example. Ford and ARB co-designed it to be simple to install, yet completely vehicle-integrated. Engineers ensured that not only were the OE parking sensors and adaptive cruise control carried over to the new bumper, but that a fully-integrated light bar would complement the design and add even more functionality to the top-level of protection that overland travel demands. Yes, the styling queues are incredible, but styling can only be enjoyed if the function is above reproach. This is where ARB engineering shines – bringing the designers’ vision from paper to steel while maintaining the quality and innovation that consumers demand. 

Ten years after Ford introduced the first Bronco, ARB started its never-ending quest to continually expand the capabilities of off-road accessories. Now 46 years later, with the help of designers and engineers, the two powerhouses have beautifully matched form and function in the new Bronco.