Designing Product for the New Ford Bronco – A World Away

The ARB approach to designing and engineering aftermarket accessories is light-years ahead of simply figuring out what fits. The accessories we build are designed to enhance vehicle performance, capability, and comfort. Finding that balance means working with original equipment manufacturers to fully understand why they made decisions including materials, weight, torque, balance, and so much more.

“This is a first for Ford and they should be credited for embracing the aftermarket, reaching out to partners like ARB… There will be more product offerings and more availability and choice for the consumer as the vehicle launches.”
Doug Pettis, President, ARB USA

Melding Global 4WD Heritage

Concept 1

Many automotive accessories companies will wait for a physical vehicle to begin fabricating products to make them fit a new application. Based in Melbourne, Australia, our team of engineers were challenged to design and engineer products literally a world away from the vehicle itself. This level of expertise has been built over decades and those decades of experience shows through the products that we bring to market. It’s not enough to understand how a product will attach to a vehicle. Digital models, hand-built prototypes, complex logistics, and remote engineering teams a world away come together within our organization to bring to market customer-centric products that are on the shelf ready for installation when the first Bronco rolls off of the production line.

An Overland Take on the American Classic

Not having direct access to the physical vehicle requires us to draw on our legacy experience working on previous vehicles. For example, we know from similar vehicles like the Ford Ranger, Ranger Raptor, and the Everest, what facilitates an easy fitment from product to car and what clearances are required.

We also know what looks good on a vehicle. It’s fine to see it on the screen, but you really need to see it in person to account for reflection of light and the way the product captures light.”
John Stubbe, Engineering Team Lead, Fabricated Products

Concept 2

Final Concept