ARB Compressor Installation Tips

1st September, 2020

There are dozens of reasons people add onboard air to their vehicles every year. Tire inflation, Air Locker activation, and air tools are just a few of the many reasons a compressor is a critical component for every off-road application. Each compressor includes the mandatory components for installation such as the switch and wiring harness. Each compressor includes a mounting plate and drilling template. The compressor should be mounted in a location that has access to clean and cool air. ARB offers specific mounting brackets for certain platforms; under seat brackets for the Jeep JK and Jeep JL along with a bedside bracket for 2016-19 Toyota Tacoma. A universal mounting bracket is also available. This bracket will suit each ARB Air Compressor and will also provide a mounting location for the ARB manifold, switch, and hose coupler.


Jeep JL Under Seat Compressor Mount

Single Compressor Kit Includes:

  1. Quantity 1: Single Compressor
  2. Quantity 1: Universal Compressor Bracket
  3. Quantity 1: Pump-Up Kit
  4. Quantity 1: Digital Tire Inflator

Twin Compressor Kit Includes:

  1. Quantity 1: Twin Compressor
  2. Quantity 1: Universal Compressor Bracket
  3. Quantity 1: Pump-Up Kit
  4. Quantity 1: Digital Tire Inflator
  5. Quantity 1: Manifold Kit

Compressor Specifications



Air Flow

(no load at 0PSI)

Air Flow

(under load at 29PSI)

Duty Cycle

Tested Inflation Times – 15-30 PSI


Single Motor

3.08 CFM

2.34 CFM

50%, 30/30

35” Tire – 3:00 Min.


Twin Motor

6.16 CFM

6.16 CFM

100%, 60/0

35” Tire – 1:00 Min.

If the CKMTA12/24 compressor is used for prolonged periods and/or your vehicle is outfitted with ARB Air Lockers, the ARB Manifold is required. The ARB Manifold will offer two additional ports for each of the locker solenoids. It will also help dissipate the heat from the compressor which will allow it to run more efficiently.

Every ARB compressor will include a switch and switching harness. The isolation switch is the on/off for the compressor, while switch 1 is for the rear locker and switch 2 is for the front locker. For safety, the front locker can only be engaged with the rear locker engaged. If you have not installed Air Lockers yet, feel free to zip tie switch 1 and 2 out of the way and use the isolation-switch portion of the harness. The ARB LINX Accessory Interface includes a jumper harness which allows you to maintain the ARB rocker switches while also having full switching control from the LINX.

A crucial installation step is the red and yellow wire on the switch harness. This provides power to the switch. You must find an ignition source to power this wire in order to turn on the compressor. An ignition source is a circuit that is only powered when the key is inserted into the ignition and turned to the on position. Most 12V vehicle outlets can be used as the ignition source. Connecting it to an ignition source will ensure that the compressor will only turn on with the vehicle on. Connecting the red and yellow wire to a constant power supply may drain your battery.

If your vehicle is equipped with factory auxiliary switches or a switching system other than LINX, you can use that system to turn on the compressor but not power the compressor. You must run the supplied power harness directly to your vehicles starting battery. On the switch side of the harness, connect the purple wire (CKMTA) or the red wire (CKSA and CKMA) to the switch system. If your vehicle is fitted with ARB Air Lockers, the yellow wire can be run to a separate switch in order to engage the rear locker and the green wire can be run to a separate switch to engage the front locker. Follow the remaining steps included with the switch or switching system.

ARB also offers the high output and maximum output compressors in a portable version. The ARB portable compressors are great for people who have multiple off road vehicles or would prefer to avoid installing them in their vehicle.

Whether you’re airing up tires after a long day on the trail, activating Air Lockers for additional traction, or repairing your vehicle on the trail using air tools; an air compressor should be at the top of every drivers essential parts list. ARB has manufactured air compressors for well over 30 years. Over this span, the ARB air compressor line has evolved, proven itself, and maintained its rank as the most popular and durable DC powered compressor on the market.


Kit Components

Universal Compressor Bracket

The ARB Universal Compressor Bracket allows you to install a CKMTA, CKMA, or CKSA with optional accessories as needed to integrate your ARB Compressor into your vehicle. The bracket is a perfect solution for the bed of a pickup, under the seat, or the back of an SUV where space permits.

Digital Tire Inflator

It’s vital to carry proper air pressure equipment in your vehicle, especially when traveling off-road. The ARB Digital Tire Inflator makes checking and adjusting tire pressure easy with its large easy to read backlit display, thumb-operated inflator lever, and easy access deflator bleed button.

Pump-Up Kit

The ARB Pump-Up kit is the perfect accessory for the vehicle-mounted compressor range. This allows you to use your CKMA12 or CKMTA12 ARB Air Compressor to quickly plug in a heavy-duty air hose and air up tires after a day on the trail. The pump-up kit includes a quality 20ft air hose, air accessory kit, and a t-fitting for in-line connection of an air chuck and pressure switch.

Manifold Kit (Included With CKMTA12KIT) ONLY

Designed to work seamlessly with the ARB Twin-Motor Air Compressors (CKMTA12), the ARB Manifold kit enables easy installation of Air Locker® solenoids, ARB Pump-Up Kit, and other air-related accessories with the use of the multiple ports.

Recommended Additional Components

LINX Accessory Interface

LINX is a unique modern controller that declutters the dashboard and centralizes the command of vehicle accessories by replacing classic switches, gauges and monitors with one sleek and smart driver interface. Built on an expandable platform, LINX will continue to evolve your on and off-road driving experience both now and into the future.

E-Z Digital Deflator

With accuracy of up to +/-1psi at 15-75psi and a large digital read out with a blue backlit display you will be set for tire deflaton. The deflator includes
settings for multiple pressure readouts including; psi, bar, kpa and KgF, so you can rely on an accurate pressure reading.