Why do I have differential oil coming out of my solenoids?

The number one cause of differential oil traveling up the ARB Air Lines is due to differential housing pressure. If the housing does not vent properly, pressure will push the oil up the lines. To remedy this, check to make sure your factory breathers are not clogged or enlarge breather ports/hoses to allow more ventilation. ARB now offers a breather kit (170112) to help remedy axle ventilation problems.

At what speed can I engage my ARB Air Lockers?

An ARB Air Locker can be engaged at any speed as long as both wheels are spinning at the same rate. If one wheel is spinning faster than the other, what is called “crash locking” will occur and can cause damage to the internal gears. We recommend that the vehicle stops and engages the Air Locker before attempting an obstacle.

How often do I service my ARB Air Locker?

ARB Air Locker service internals vary depending on vehicle usage, terrain, and conditions. Please refer to the Operating and Service Manual and your vehicles owner manual for routine oil changes.