ARB Awning Installation with Universal Brackets

18th June, 2021

The back of the awning is where the mounting track lies. The ARB PVC bag awnings contain bolt openings on each side and the ARB Aluminum awning has an opening on the right side. In most cases, a roof rack is required to fit an ARB Awning. Here, we will cover the installation of an ARB Awning to a conventional factory roof rail system.  Ready to install your ARB Awning? We’ve got you covered; pun intended.... Continue Reading

ARB Simpson III Rooftop Tent Guide

24th May, 2021

When off the beaten path, there are a vast amount of sleeping arrangements; most of which are extremely uncomfortable. Choosing which option is right for you can be a task. For many camping and overlanding enthusiasts, towing a trailer is not an option. And let’s face it, the terrain we encounter is rough and unstable; no one wants to sleep on that. This is why ARB’s rooftop tents have always been a hot commodity. Learn how easy it is to set-up and get you ready for your next adventure. ... Continue Reading

Get a Grip

9th April, 2021

We all understand the major role that physics plays in our day-to-day lives. When applied to the 4WD world, it is reasonable to expect that a 2.5 ton vehicle might struggle to maintain its traction in fine, soft sand and muddy terrains, even when aired down.  Specifically designed for those iffy situations when off the beaten track, TRED’s unique and patented grip profile allows you to self-recover with ease in those uncertain conditions. TRED has optimized their nodule pattern using 3D scanning and CAD modelling of the most popular tire brands around the world, this makes TRED recovery boards the ultimate recovery device.... Continue Reading