What is a Vehicle Accessory Interface?

1st December, 2020

The future is here! ARB Pressure Control launched this week and allows you to air up or down your tires using a mobile app. Gone is the tedious guesswork of incrementally inflating and deflating. Instead simply connect, set your desired air pressure, and press a button.  ARB Pressure Control delivers this convenience for its industry-leading compressors, but this new offering is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to accessory control. As you continue to upgrade your rig, let us introduce you to the concept of an accessory interface.  There is a far better option for accessory control than cutting countless switches into your dashboard. Here’s how it compares in five situations.  ... Continue Reading

Outfit Your JL with ARB

31st July, 2019

When the Jeep JL was released, many in the off-road community buzzed in anticipation. The long-awaited release confirmed the Jeep Wrangler JL included many impressive features and offered another great off-road platform.  From an ARB perspective, the JL would provide a huge opportunity to create an entire product line for the vehicle.... Continue Reading

Suspension for the Chevrolet Colorado

19th April, 2019

With a clean and adventurous look, it comes as no surprise why so many are picking up a Chevrolet Colorado for their next off-road adventure. When considering your Colorado build, your first step should be to upgrade the OE suspension to optimize the ride and performance in all terrains. Old Man Emu Suspension enhances the vehicle’s handling and your ride […]... Continue Reading

BP-51 Suspension for the Defender 110/130

20th March, 2019

The iconic Land Rover Defender has been gracing the tracks since the early 1980s. The coil sprung, live axle vehicle took the 4×4 community by storm, impressing even the harshest critics. Across the years many people and companies have modified the Defender to improve the capability and comfort of the vehicle.... Continue Reading