Can I inflate tires with the ARB Compact Compressor CKSA12?

It is not recommended to use the ARB Compact Air Compressor (CKSA12) to inflate tires. This compressor was designed only to engage ARB Air Lockers. For tires up to 35” in size, we recommend the ARB Medium Compressor (part no. CKMA12) and for tires above 35”, the ARB Twin Motor CKMTA12 compressor (CKMTA12).

What additional accessories are required for Tire inflation (on a vehicle mounted compressor)

For Tire inflation, the vehicle-mounted compressor requires addition ARB Pump Up Kit #171302, which includes 19 feet air hose, quick connector coupling, clip-on tire inflator, and accessories. If using an ARB Twin Compressor (CKMTA12), the addition of a manifold (171503) is required.

What is the warranty period for my ARB Air Locker and Compressor?

ARB provides a 5-year (Air Locker) and 2-year (Compressor) warranty that covers defects against workmanship or materials. For further information, please refer to our warranty terms and conditions on our Warranty Page.

Where do I mount my ARB Air Compressor?

ARB vehicle mount compressors can be installed in various locations on the vehicle, including the engine bay, cabin, rear cargo area, etc. Please refer to ARB Air Compressor User Manual for further details regarding mounting positions.

Why do I have to have my engine running when inflating tires with an ARB Air Compressor?

The ARB Compressor will perform better when it receives 14 volts from the alternator vs the 12.6 volts from the battery alone. Also, the battery will not be depleted by the compressor if the engine is idling.