Are my factory fog lights compatible with ARB bumpers?

In select applications, ARB incorporated factory fog light provisions. E.g., JK Wrangler, 200 series VX/Sahara, etc. Refer to the application guides for full details.

Are the winches listed on the application guides the only winches that will fit an ARB Bumper for my application?

ARB is a distributor for Warn around the world, and therefore, only test fits Warn winches with our bumpers. If you would like to run another brand of winch, please compare the overall dimensions of the Warn winch listed with the other brand.

Can I modify the bumper?

ARB does not recommend the modification of any bumper due to the integration with the vehicles air bag system and structural integrity.

Can I order an ARB Bumper unfinished or bare steel?

All ARB Bumpers come in either a high-quality black powder coat finish that is paintable or ARB’s new textured Integrit powder coat finish. ARB Bumpers are shipped from our manufacturing facility via ocean freight. Without a protective finish, the bumpers would corrode by the time they reached North America.

Can I reuse my factory fog lights?

Factory fog lights incur frequent design changes that result in improper fitment in most ARB Bumper applications. In these cases, either an ARB fog light kit will be supplied or will be an optional accessory with the bumper. In most cases, the factory fog light harness may be used to power the included/optional ARB fog light kit. Please refer to the Vehicle Application Guide for note and part numbers.

How long does a bumper take to install?

Installation times vary from vehicle to vehicle depending on the complexity of the design; however, the average fitting time for an experienced fitter is approximately 6 hours.

What accessories can I fit to my bumper?

ARB Bumpers have been designed with provisions for a wide range of accessories, including spot/flood lights, 12V winches, antennas, and more.

What is the warranty period for my protection equipment?

ARB provides a 2-year, 25,000-mile warranty that covers defects against workmanship or materials. Please refer to our Warranty Page for more information.

Will I need to upgrade my OEM suspension after fitment of a bumper?

This can vary from vehicle to vehicle depending on the OEM front spring rate and any additional accessories fitted to the vehicle. When a bumper and winch are fitted, upgraded suspension is highly recommended.