Can I just upgrade the coil/leaf springs only without Old Man Emu shocks?

All Old Man Emu springs have been designed and specially tuned to work in conjunction with Old Man Emu shock absorbers for each specific vehicle.

Do I need “light” or “heavy” springs?

For most applications, we offer Old Man Emu springs in Light, Medium or Heavy Load options. The correct application will depend on how your vehicle is equipped with aftermarket accessories that add additional weight to your vehicle. In most cases, you would use a light load spring on a vehicle with no aftermarket bumper and a medium or heavy load spring on a vehicle with an ARB Bumper. Please refer to the Vehicle Application Guide for proper part numbers.

How do I know which spring to select?

Spring selection varies based upon the client’s specific load carrying requirements and accessories fitted. Please refer to the Vehicle Application Guide for the proper part numbers.

How do you adjust or tune BP-51 struts or shocks?

We suggest that you set the dampening per the instructions and then move one adjustment at a time using the included tool until you find your preferred ride quality.

How much lift will I gain after installation of Old Man Emu suspension?

Lift height varies from vehicle to vehicle due to the vehicle’s suspension limitations. Please refer to the Vehicle Application Guide for estimated lift over factory ride height.

My Old Man Emu suspension has caused my vehicle to sit higher in the back than in the front

In most cases, Old Man Emu suspension systems are designed to maintain the factory front-to-back rake. This is because Old Man Emu suspension is engineered for load-carrying ability as well as lift. In some cases, a rear leaf may be removed from the pack to level the vehicle, but there is a downside, the spring rate is also reduced. The spring will lose more height under when loaded causing the rear to sit lower than the front resulting in poor and sometimes dangerous ride quality.

What is the warranty period for my suspension?

ARB provides a 3 year, 37,000 mile warranty that covers defects against workmanship or materials. Please visit our Warranty Page for further details.

Why didn’t my OME Suspension come with instructions?

The majority of our Old Man Emu suspension components are designed around factory frame, axle, and control arm mounts and install the same as the factory components. Because of this, please refer to the factory service manual for a specific vehicle.

Why do I need the additional fitting kits?

Specific suspension fitting kits have been developed to ensure that vehicle dynamics have not been altered including but not limited to) driveline, braking, and steering operation.

Why doesn't Old Man Emu (OME) offer higher suspension lifts?

Old Man Emu suspension systems are engineered first and foremost for ride and handling quality. The amount of lift provided for each specific vehicle is within the maximum limits allowed by the stock suspension components so that extensive and costly modifications are not required.

Will my vehicle have a better tow rating with your suspension installed?

Installing OME suspension will help handle increased tongue weights, but will not increase your tow rating. Please follow the towing specifications per your owner’s manual.