Manufactured from steel for ultimate strength and powder coated for durability, the Deluxe bumper is designed to complement the vehicle’s style and safety systems while offering a solid platform to mount essential 4×4 accessories in a seamless and integrated package.

Available for the H3 models, the Deluxe winch bumper is compatible with a selection of popular Warn low mount winches. A cover panel finishes off the bumper for when a winch is not fitted. To complement the bumper, optional fog light kits are also available.

Note: Not compatible with OEM fog lights.

application guide/fitting notes

Protection & Styling Characteristics

  • Vehicle specific design to complement the Hummer H3 and maximise functionality
  • Durable steel construction for maximum protection
  • Incorporates ARB’s renowned multi fold upswept and tapered wing design for optimum strength and approach angle
  • Split pan design for maximum strength and airflow
  • Cover straps attached to the uprights ensure there are no exposed edges
  • Continuous uprights through the bumper section of the bar strengthens the outer frame
  • Superbly engineered, air bag compatible mounting system secures to chassis via high tensile bolts
  • Equally suited to winch and non winch applications
  • Winch model will accommodate a selection of Warn, Magnum and Bushranger low mount model electric winches
  • Twin Hi-Lift jacking points located in the pan of the bar
  • Provision to accommodate ARB Intensity LED, and a range of IPF and Bushranger driving lights
  • Injection moulded fog light/turn signal surrounds
  • Heavy duty factory tow hooks bolt to front of the bar
  • Two aerial brackets located in the frame of the bar
  • Finished in a hard-wearing powder coat with the added option of colour coding to individual vehicles

Winch Bumper Suit ARB Fog Add

Hummer H3 2008-2009
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Winch Bumper Suit Flares, ARB Fog Hummer H3 05-10 8-9.5 Add

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deluxe bull bar

Recessed Indicators

Most ARB Deluxe Bumpers feature indicators and optional fog lights for foul weather conditions. The recessed panels give both indicators and fog lights improved protection from branches and road debris.

Recessed Indicators

Most ARB Deluxe Bumpers feature indicators and optional fog lights for foul weather conditions. The recessed panels give both indicators and fog lights improved protection from branches and road debris.

Air Bag Compatible

With an air bag equipped vehicle, it is essential that the vehicle's crush rate and air bag triggering are not altered when a bumper is installed. ARB assesses each vehicle's frontal crush characteristics and replicates the crush rate into the design of each air bag compatible bumper and its mounting system. This achieves maximum possible vehicle and passenger protection without affecting the crash pulse.

Steel Uprights

Each bumper upright is cut from a single sheet of steel and extends from the top tube through to the bumper section and actually forms part of the bumper to chassis mount. This process ensures the whole outer frame receives the maximum possible support. Cover straps are then welded onto each upright to ensure there are no exposed sharp edges.

Jacking Points

Eliminating the need for a mounting bracket, jacking points are integrated into the design of most ARB Bumpers. These points also enable easier access to the clutch lever when unspooling wire rope before winching.

Driving Light Provision

Exceptionally durable and secure, all ARB Bumpers serve as an ideal platform to mount driving lights, helping ensure maximum performance and longevity. Driving lights mounted to a high-quality bumper prevents problems such as excessive movement, a vibrating beam pattern, premature bulb failure and eventual fatiguing of the light bodies.

Winch Compatibility

Mounting a winch to a vehicle requires a properly supported structure that is designed to accommodate the stresses of winching. When using a snatch block to increase winching capacity, the forces are multiplied to several times the rated capacity of the winch. Most ARB Bumpers feature the option of fitting a winch, and all are designed and tested to endure and exceed such loads.

CB Antenna Brackets

The vast majority of ARB Deluxe Bumpers incorporate two CB antenna brackets welded behind the top cross tube. Custom fit, clamp on brackets are also available for additional antenna mounting.

Split-Pan Design

ARB’s Engineers give careful consideration to maintaining sufficient air flow to the vehicle’s radiator. Utilizing a split-pan system, ARB’s Bumper design ensures the radiator receives a massive amount of air flow and actually further increases the strength of the bumper.

Mounting System

The mounting system is a vital part of any ARB Bumper design. ARB’s mounting systems are specifically engineered to spread impact and winching loads evenly over the vehicle’s chassis. This ensures the bumper functions properly in extreme conditions.

Wing Design

The furthest most point from the chassis and often the point of impact in an animal strike, the wing area is by far the most vulnerable. ARB pioneered the multi-fold upswept and tapered wing design, which provides an enormous amount of strength and maintains an optimum approach angle.