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17th June, 2022

ARB Premieres Next Generation of Rooftop Tents


ARB released its first rooftop tent two decades ago, and a myriad of innovations and thoughtful touches have since followed. Development of new tents now aims to balance comfort with off-road vehicle performance. Smart upgrades add thought-out features while avoiding dead weight. ARB recognizes that the needs of overlanders are more diverse than ever before, and created these purposeful rooftop tents accordingly.

The Esperance finds the balance between practicality and comfort while retaining an incredibly efficient setup. Its clamshell design is easy to deploy and packs down to only 13 inches tall when closed. It weighs in at 123 pounds and its hard shell outer surface is aerodynamic to prevent drag. The Esperance includes a telescopic ladder that is internally stored when the tent is stowed. Packed dimensions are 60 x 48 x 13 inches and open dimensions are 60 x 79 x 47 inches.

Once deployed, overlanders will find more features designed with their needs in mind. Gas struts lift the tent open and campers are rewarded on clear nights with a sky-facing star gazing window. Two large additional windows and a removable rain fly maximize airflow for added comfort on warm summer nights. The 1.5” included mattress sleeps two adults and the interior also includes storage pockets and a dimmable LED strip light with concealed wiring.

Meanwhile, the Flinders RTT offers the biggest footprint of any ARB offering, yet a smaller pack-down size compared to the long-standing Simpson series. Its externally stored ladder allows the soft-sided bag exterior to pack down to less than eight inches tall, greatly reducing drag.

Spaciously sleeping two adults, the Flinders is built to enhance the camping experience with a skylight, easy setup, and five zippered windows (with dual midge-proof screens) to maximize airflow. The Flinders includes a two-inch high-density foam mattress, storage pockets, and a dimmable, built-in light with a USB charging port. Packed dimensions are 55 x 47 x 8 inches (packed height with ladder is 12”) and open dimensions are 55 x 94 x 55 inches.

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