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6th January, 2022

Field Repairs — Air Lockers


In part one we explained the basics of repairing a punctured tire, reseating a tire bead, and repairing a blown air hose. One of the many key takeaways from part one is that preparedness wins the day.

Along with carrying the basic mechanics tools and spare parts, we also recommend evaluating your vehicle’s most crucial accessories and modifications, then creating a list of tools and spares based upon that list. You’d be surprised at how far a bag of spare nuts and bolts can get you!

If your rig is equipped with ARB Air Lockers, understand that you have one of the strongest and most reliable lockers on the market. But again, expect the unexpected; whether it be a punctured air hose or torn seal housing line – it’s best to carry the right tools, spare parts, and guides.


A very unlikely failure is a damaged ARB Air Locker seal housing line. From time to time we get calls of the ring gear making contact with the seal housing copper line and either puncturing the line or tearing it off. If you have an Air Locker, be sure to keep this repair kit (#170109) in your spare parts bag. For ease of illustration, we will perform this repair on the ground rather than in the axle.


1. Begin by gaining access to your vehicle’s differential. This will vary amongst applications.

2. Disassemble the Air Locker bulkhead fitting.

3. Inspect the line and locate the damage.


4. In order for the kit to work, you will need a minimum of 1” of intact line remaining on the seal housing.


5. Cut the copper line with a tool of your choice, a tubing cutter works best. Ensure the line does not get pinched while cutting and aim to get the straightest cut possible.


6. Locate the fittings. You will be using two ferrules, two compression nuts, and one union fitting. The two extra ferrules can be kept as spares.


7. Feed the copper line through the compression nut first, then the ferrule. Do this on both the new copper line and existing copper line that is attached to the seal housing.


8. Locate the union and insert both copper lines (one line per side)


9. Using two 7/16” open end wrenches, tighten the compression nuts to the union.


10. Route the copper line in the same fashion, avoiding contact with the ring gear. Feed through the bulkhead body.


11. Reassemble the bulkhead fitting.

12. Test for leaks.



The ARB Air Locker air lines should be routed away from hot surfaces and with plenty of slack. If this wasn’t done during the initial install, a heat puncture or a yanked line may cause a small hiccup. But no need to detour, these parts will get you back on the trail in no time.


ARB Blue 5MM Line Part Number: ASK001

ARB Black 6MM Line Part Number: 170314 & 170215 x2

  1. Locate the puncture on the airline.

2. Cut the airline at the puncture.


3. Ensure you have a clean, straight cut on each end of the airline.


4. (Blue) Insert each airline into one end of the union fitting.


5. (Black) Assemble the compression fitting as shown.

6. (Black) Tighten using a 12mm wrench.


7. If there is not enough slack in the air line, use your spare airline and an additional union fitting (blue) or compression fitting (black) as shown.


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