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9th April, 2021

Gaining Traction with Tred Boards


We all understand the major role that physics plays in our day-to-day lives. When applied to the 4WD world, it is reasonable to expect that a 2.5 ton vehicle might struggle to maintain its traction in fine, soft sand and muddy terrains, even when aired down.

Specifically designed for those iffy situations when off the beaten track, TRED’s unique and patented grip profile allows you to self-recover with ease in those uncertain conditions. TRED has optimized their nodule pattern using 3D scanning and CAD modelling of the most popular tire brands around the world, this makes TRED recovery boards the ultimate recovery device.



TRED has recently released new additions to their recovery board line up, TRED GT and HD. Combining the trusted features of the TRED Pro™ board along with ten years of manufacturing experience, the new additions allow four-wheelers to choose a recovery board that best suits their needs and budget.

TRED GT best suits the leisure adventurer who is looking for budget friendly, peace of mind when exploring.

TRED HD is perfect for the off-road enthusiast. It uses the same material as the TRED Pro™ providing ultimate flex in all weather conditions.

TRED Pro™ still remains the world’s most advanced and highly engineered all-in-one off-road vehicle recovery board on the market, especially designed for extreme and/or professional four-wheelers. TRED Pro™ is the next generation of the highly successful TRED™ off-road recovery board line-up.



ARB has partnered with TRED to bring exclusive ARB X TRED Pro recovery boards to the market.

TRED Pro’s unique patented EXOTRED™ dual composite design comprises multiple molding processes and materials resulting in a flexible board fitted with glass-filled nylon nodules, which offer far greater resistance to melting under the heat and pressure of wheel spin.

ARB X TRED Pro is an exclusive color range available in (black/black, black/orange, and gray/orange) and includes a premium leash set for quick recovery of boards after use.

Follow the link to learn more about TRED Recovery Boards and additional colors.


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