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17th February, 2022

How to Set Up an ARB Awning


After a long day on the trail, stepping out of your vehicle to stretch your legs is something we all look forward to. However, when off the grid, shelter from the scorching sun or unsettling rain may be non-existent without a vehicle mounted awning, unless of course you’d like to remain crammed in your vehicle. The compactness and versatility of an ARB Awning has allowed it to remain one of the most popular awning choices on the market. Its features include optional add-ons, universal mounting, UVP 50+ rating, fire retardant canvas, aluminum poles, and built-in light just to name a few. Now that you’re sold, here is how easy it is to set up the ARB Awning.

  1. Remove the Awning from its case.

Soft Case Awnings: Unzip the awning bag and stretch the bag over the housing so it is out of the way.

Hard Case Awnings: Release the bungee straps attaching the lid to the base. The lid will spring up to allow access to the awning.


2. Release the awning roll from the hook and loop straps.


3. Raise and hold the awning roll. Release and swing both awning arms slightly more than 90 degrees awning from the vehicle.


4. Slowly step back and roll the awning in your hands until it has reached its full length.


5. Release the awnings legs from the front beam.

6. Continue to support the awning front beam. Extend the leg until the desired length is reached then engage the twist lock of the leg by turning the bottom half of the leg.


7. Extend the awning arm and place the arm pin into the corresponding hole in the front beam. Twist the arm to engage the twist lock.


8. Secure the fabric to the rafter arms using the hook and loop straps.

9. If the awning canvas is sagging, release the awning arm locks, stretch the arms and canvas, and re-lock the arms.


10. Peg the legs to the ground using the loops at the end of the feet.


11. Slide the guy ropes through the hole on the awning beam until the clip is reached. Tie the other end of the guy rope to the stake.

-In windy conditions it is essential that the awning be secured to the ground to prevent damage to the awning and vehicle.


12. In the event of rain ensure that the awning is set to an appropriate angle to allow rainwater to run off and not accumulate on top of the awning.


13. Locate the ARB Awning Light Harness.

14. Connect the red end to the awning light.


15. Connect the 12V plug to your vehicle cigarette lighter.

16. Use the built in remote to control the awning light.

jeep awning room no wrinkle-2

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