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22nd February, 2021

Performance Lighting Undercover


Light up the trail with ARB’s performance lighting. The amber, black, and clear covers do more than boost aesthetics and enhance protection, each color serves a purpose.




Included with the Intensity lighting series, these protection covers will shield your lights from road and trail debris. The clear covers will not impact color or output.


This full coverage light cover will completely restrict light output. Depending on your location, it may be required for on road use.


Perfect for low visibility conditions, the amber cover alters light temperature which replicates conventional fog light color. The amber color easily reflects off objects which in return creates a better pattern and enhances visibility. This color is typically seen on Ultra4 race cars since it’s great for traveling through foggy or dusty conditions at high speeds.



ARB’s Slimline LED Light Bar offers the best of both worlds. Up to four different covers can be used at once. This allows for the ultimate combination when unsure what the weather has in store. For example, a combination of two amber covers can be installed on the outer left and right corners, along with clear covers installed in the middle for protection. Pick from a pair of amber, clear, and/or black covers for a number of different configurations.


Installation couldn’t be easier. Simply pry the included clear cover from the top of the light until the side clamps release. Remove the rubber isolators from the new covers and insert them into the side slots until fully seated.


Many states restrict lights over a certain height, others enforce full coverage at all times. Before mounting an auxiliary lighting to your vehicle, we recommend researching local laws and guidelines. 

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