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15th March, 2021

‘Ranger in a Strange Land


There are 7,120 nautical miles between ARB North American headquarters and the motherland in Melbourne, Australia. While technology bridges this distance around the clock, when it comes to ensuring the utmost quality in 4×4 accessories, well, that’s a very hands-on process. For this purpose, a US Ford Ranger journeyed across the Pacific and now resides in the Land Down Under.


The expat 4×4 allows ARB engineers to design, develop, and test its full suite of off-road accessories side-by-side with the Aussie Ranger. While compliance with national safety regulations and emission standards is a key focus (the European version of the Ranger for example requires a plastic bumper) ARB’s commitment to quality goes far beyond the legal requirements.

The most obvious difference between the two models is the physical configuration of a steering wheel on the right versus left; this no doubt requires some rearranging. Smaller components may seem nuance in contrast, but it’s actually rather delicate sensors that are responsible for some of a vehicle’s most important safety features, such as airbags, and driving features like adaptive cruise control.


The first glimpse of ARB’s suite of Ranger accessories was unveiled at SEMA in 2019 and products have been steadily rolling out since. The Summit bull bar (featured in Ford Performance package Level Three), side steps and rails, rear bar, Safari snorkel, UVP, recovery point, air locker, differential cover, and on-board compressor round out a nothing-but-tough build for serious off-roaders. For overlanders, an Elements fridge-freezer, roof rack, rooftop tent, and modular drawer system fit the build. Better throw on Solis lights and make sure you have ARB recovery gear for the unexpected.

It’s well understood that a flashy appearance alone won’t get you very far in the 2.5 million square mile Australian wilderness. (That’s an area four times the size of Alaska.) This is where ARB values originate and accounts for our deep understanding of 4×4 needs and reliability. No compromises made.


The ongoing effort to transform the versatile OE Ranger into an adept adventure rig is a rewarding one. There’s more to come with the help of our expat Ranger, but in the meantime, rest assured that with ARB you’re heading into your next adventure with the best the world of 4×4 has to offer.


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