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1st December, 2020

What is a Vehicle Accessory Interface?


If you enjoy the convenience and time-savings of ARB Pressure Control for controlling tire pressures from a mobile app, there's even more to discover with the LINX vehicle accessory interface. Let us introduce you.

LINX is a unique controller that centralizes the command of vehicle accessories by replacing classic switches, gauges and monitors with one sleek and smart driver interface. Built on an expandable platform, LINX evolves with your driving experience and accessory lineup.

Here’s how the LINX vehicle accessory interface compares in five situations.


New Light + New Switch = Frankenstein Dashboard

Forget about this antiquated equation and instead operate up to six lighting accessories with one updateable device. Each new accessory can be customized to switch on or off manually and/or automatically by ignition, low or high beam headlights, or reverse lights. LINX is a dynamic platform developed with the future in mind and dozens of other modules on the horizon.


Adjusting accessories individually to maximize their performance adds time, extra stops and energy.

From the LINX controller you can access, monitor and control compatible accessories. For example, check your tire pressure on-the-go and adjust air bags to your specific load. Or check in on your ARB fridge to make sure the lid is closed and adjust the temperature as needed.


As overlanders know, accessories can drain your battery on long haul trips.

LINX works smarter, not harder, to monitor up to three batteries simultaneously and sets voltage alarms to ensure you are never left without power to start your vehicle.


Upgraded tires render your factory speedometer inaccurate.

Built-in GPS delivers accurate data to the LINX Speedometer Module, leaving no question as to your exact speed.


How much further can you push your suspension when tackling steep obstacles? Give it your best guess.

Monitor your suspension’s limits with real time data. LINX includes an inclinometer which is calibrated to your vehicle using sensor data from the onboard controller. The inclinometer module displays the roll and pitch of the vehicle, independent of the LINX Display positioning. Set pitch and roll warning limits that trigger an alarm.

Learn more about ARB LINX Vehicle Accessory Interface and ARB Pressure Control with Compressor Connect.


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