Nitrocharger Sport Shock Absorbers

Where the purpose of a spring is to carry the load of a vehicle and its cargo, a shock absorber works to control the spring by absorbing excess energy and, in doing so, has a profound impact on your vehicle’s ride and handling.

During the development of OME’s Nitrocharger Sport shock absorbers, particular focus is placed on how well they are matched to the specific springs they’ll be controlling, with Ride Control Engineers tailoring shock absorber valving to work with the different springs in the range, often resulting in multiple shock absorber options for each vehicle.

Whether it’s for work or play, ARB has a solution for just about any application.

Nitrocharger Sport Advantage

The Nitrocharger Sport range utilizes significant advances in key componentry and the latest in valving technology to provide tremendous improvements in ride, comfort and handling over all terrains.

Vehicle specific valving ensures the proper valving is matched to your spring selection, accessory fitment and load carrying requirements, meaning there’s a Nitrocharger Sport Shock Absorber to suit your needs, no matter what the terrain or intended vehicle use.

Nitrocharger Sport Shock Absorbers offer the most cohesive, balanced and finely tuned valving system on the market.



Vehicle Specific Bushings

High-quality, vehicle specific bushing manufactured from polyurethane and rubber materials for extended life.

Vehicle Specific Bushings

High-quality, vehicle specific bushing manufactured from polyurethane and rubber materials for extended life.

Dirt Shield

Impact resistant, polyamide dirt shield provides additional protection from stone chips and off-road debris.

Piston Rod

Super strong 18mm induction hardened chrome piston rod is engineered to handle rigours of heavy loads and tough 4x4 touring.

Triple Lip Oil Seal

Large, durable seal incorporates a gas retention check valve design to virtually eliminate contaminant damage while providing outstanding gas and oil retention.

Slip Ring

Teflon infused bronze slip ring ensures a more consistent and uniform damping performance by providing better control of oil flow between the rod and rod guide.

Rod Guide

Large, low friction Teflon impregnated bronze bushing for long lasting durability.

Nitrogen Gas

Increases the temperature operating range and improves oil flow through the valving, ensuring optimum performance.

High-Flow Piston

Free flowing design reduces aeration and high oil temperature, extending shock absorber performance under harsh conditions.

Dual-Stack Deflective Disc Technology

Durable rebound and compression multi-deflective disc stacking on either side of the free flowing piston allows infinite tuning options.

High-Quality Oil

Petroleum based, high performance formula designed to resist fade and aeration for improved durability and shock absorber performance.

Heavy Gauge Reserve Tube

Heavy gauge (1.6mm) steel reserve tube is 23% more effective than common 1.3mm wall tubing to protect internal components from stone damage.

Multi-Disc Compression Valving

Six valving discs allow greater valving options for maximum ride and handling performance.


    Shock absorbers come in all shapes, sizes and designs – from the outside it’s hard to know what’s what!

    Whilst mono-tube shocks are common in aftermarket 4WD suspension, by design they offer less travel for a given external length and can be more prone to failure if impacted by rocks and debris off road; a dent to the single tube can damage the internal components.

    Old Man Emu Nitrocharger Sport is a twin tube design with the outer reserve tube providing protection to the internal components off road. Utilising the latest advances in shock absorber technology, Nitrocharger Sport is the most finely tuned 4×4 shock absorber on the market.


    Old Man Emu’s Ride Control Engineers spent countless hours in design and testing to ensure Nitrocharger Sport valving is precisely matched to an OME spring selection that is right for the accessories fitted to your vehicle, as well as your load requirements.

    Testing is carried out both in the field with sophisticated data logging equipment, as well as inside the OME laboratory using shock dynamometers to ensure durability under all conditions. With Nitrocharger Sport’s vehicle specific valving technology, owners will experience improvements in both ride control and comfort whether it be on or off road.



    Damping refers to the slowing of the shock absorber’s oscillation. This is controlled by a series of valves that slow the movement of the hydraulic fluid through the piston. Valving controls the movement of the pistons both during compression and rebound strokes.


    Adjusting the compression valving has an effect on how comfortable or firm the suspension is when the suspension of the vehicle compresses. Too firm and the vehicle will feel every bump and ripple in the road surface as the shock tries to prevent the spring from freely compressing. Too soft and the ride will become more comfortable, however, more body roll can be felt when tackling corners and the vehicle may nose dive during braking, resulting in less control. The suspension may also easily bottom out on the bump stops.

    Adjusting rebound valving effects the rate at which the shock allows the spring to return back to ride height once it has been compressed. Higher rate springs are used to maintain correct ride height when either accessories or greater constant loads are added to the vehicle. When these springs are compressed with greater load, the energy stored within the spring is also greater and requires extra damping control as it rebounds. Not enough rebound control may cause the shock absorber to top out, causing internal damage to the shock or allow the suspension to bounce numerous times after hitting an obstacle, resulting in less control of the vehicle.