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John Battersby


“Wait for it…” Nobody likes to hear it, but sometimes the wait is absolutely worth it. That’s been the case for John Battersby both in discovering off-roading and building out his beefy Ford Ranger.

Originally from New Jersey, John decided to settle down South after attending Auburn University.

“I’ve now been with a sheriff’s office a little north of Atlanta for fifteen years where I’m a full-time general instructor and firearms instructor. In my free time, I get out on a local lake in my kayak or boat, hit the trails to learn more about four-wheeling, or mess with my favorite hobby – cooking.”

While he lives richly exploring local trails and pursuing the perfect flame-kissed burger, the inspiration for this adventurous lifestyle came from a world away.

“I got to cross a huge bucket list experience off my list with a week-long visit to Australia back in 2015,” John stated. “I absolutely fell in love; not just with the country, but also with the Ford Rangers I saw on the road.” To him, Australian Ford Rangers looked all business, kitted out with heavy-duty ARB bumpers and accessories to make them extremely capable in the bush.

“They were something different and unfortunately, they were forbidden fruit here in the United States. Fast forward to 2019 and we finally got a four-door Ranger in the US market.” He grins, “Much to my wife’s dismay, I decided I had to have one.”

Once John puts his mind to something, it’ll happen even if he has to wait awhile.

“During my research on the truck, I was excited to learn that ARB was releasing a line of products, including the Summit front bumper, for our “utes” and also partnering with Safari to bring a Ford Ranger specific snorkel to the USA.”

That’s when he decided he’d build his first 4×4 truck—complete with an Aussie theme.

“My 2019 Ford Ranger was in a way a bucket list item itself,” John said. “I grew up for most of my early life in New Jersey, trading four-wheeling magazines with my high school buddies, but having no actual opportunities to get out and experience four-wheeling in the built-up landscape of The Garden State.”

However, he finally experienced off-roading in college near Auburn, Alabama. He got the chance to “mess around with a friend’s clapped out Jeep XJ (Cherokee) on fire roads and state park trails.”

Years later, John found himself again living among people who enjoy the culture of four-wheeling. “I felt that pull get stronger. I also learned what off-road rigs needed and didn’t need in order to be viable in the bush.”

To him, ARB products embody not just the image of what a serious and tough truck needs, but they ‘walk the walk’ in providing serious capability. Narrow trails aren’t a worry with his rugged Summit bumper protecting the front of his prized rig. Winch mounting is accomplished easily and there are no concerns with the bumper holding up its end of the job in a recovery situation. He also appreciated the bumper’s provisions for modern features like parking assist sensors and adaptive cruise control radars.

John Battersby 4

“It wouldn’t be complete without a Safari snorkel. I feel confident my truck is breathing fresh, clean air; something I learned can be a problem first hand after running a dusty trail with it.”

“With my built-up truck, I feel I can tackle most of the trails in my area with confidence; and I have the gear and capability to potentially get myself and others out of an unfortunate bind should something bad happen. In the woods of North Georgia I have gotten out to places like Popcorn Creek Trail and Charlie’s Creek Trail.”

John Battersby 2

The big surprise, however, was how much John learned to appreciate the beauty of North Georgia. It was a surprise to him how beautiful and serene the many acres of National Forest and state park land in North Georgia actually are.

“In the future, I’m hoping to improve and protect my Ford Ranger with other ARB offerings, such as ARB’s side rails with the additional bar-work to protect my fenders from branches and other debris.”

“My ultimate goal, though, is to get out of my own backyard, out across the country, to trails in Utah, Arizona, Colorado, and Montana. I will feel confident that I will be prepared for those adventures with the added ARB ruggedness of my truck.”

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