ARB Strap Wrap

Manufactured from 2 inch wide polyester webbing, the ARB Strap Wrap solves the problem of recovery straps becoming unravelled while being carried or when in storage.

Soft Connect Shackle

The ARB Soft Connect Shackle has been updated with UHMWPE (Ultra High Molecule Weight Polyethylene) high tensile, CE certified, synthetic rope.  Engineered to float in water, be resistant to short-term UV radiation, and provide superior strength.

Suitable for vehicles up to 3.5T GVM and has a breaking strain of 14.5T.  Protecting and storing your ARB Soft Connect Shackle when not in use is done with the included drawstring carry bag. The bag incorporates a mesh and nylon case to allow for sufficient drying as well as protecting and providing easy storage in your recovery kit.

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Available in four practical sizes for all your recovery needs.


Recovery Gloves are essential for any recovery situation, being working with a strap, rope or wire or even digging or using a chainsaw, gloves will keep your hands generally protected.

Drag Chain

16 feet in length, this high tensile steel drag chain comes in a handy storage bucket.

Bow Shackle 10mm 1.0T Rated Type S Add

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5M X 8MM MIN BL 7.5T
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The Bushranger® X-Jack is an exhaust jack recovery device designed to assist in recovering your vehicle. Most suitable in soft and unstable terrains where a hi-lift or bottle jack may be unsuitable, such as sand, mud, or snow. Its patented dual inflation system can utilize your vehicle’s exhaust or your portable air compressor to lift your vehicle while providing control of the rate and extent of inflation required. The exhaust hose has a high-temperature-resistant rubber insert at the base of the exhaust cone; providing further protection against damaging exhaust temperatures. The Schrader valve location on the hose provides a safe, convenient, and innovative way to inflate the X-Jack with an air compressor without needing to be in close proximity to the X-Jack itself.


  • Provides up to 30” of lift
  • 4,400 lbs lifting capacity
  • Wide footprint to avoid sinking in unstable areas of mud, snow, and sand
  • Triangular spike shaped feet keep unit firmly grounded
  • Triple density hard top reinforced with layers of PVC reducing the risk of puncture
  • Unique two-way inflation system
  • Compact and collapsible for easy storage in its heavy-duty storage bag
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ARB Handle Keeper

The ARB Handle Keeper keeps the jack* handle in place and stops annoying rattling when mounted to the vehicle. It is suitable for most farm jacks and Hi-Lift™ jacks. Made from EPDM rubber, it’s the perfect choice of material to be used, because of its versatility and usage in low or high temperatures. It has great UV resistance for being mounted up high on vehicles and exposed to the elements, as well as good resistance to automotive washing chemicals. The thick, outer exterior aligns the handle of your jack and keeps everything in place and ready for its next use. The ARB Handle Keeper keeps your handle locked in place and reduces the noisy rattle the jack can make. *Not compatible with ARB Jack.

Suitable for 48” and 60” Hi-Lift™ Jacks and farm jacks

Unit size: 5.1 in x 2.5 in x 1.96 in

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