Tips & Tricks That Every ARB Air Compressor Owner Should Know!

11th February, 2022

As people, we are always looking for ways to make our lives easier. And for us off-roaders, we look for ways to make our 4X4 more capable and the off-road experience more enjoyable.

By now, you’re well aware that an ARB Air Compressor is an essential piece of off-road equipment. Whether you use yours to inflate your tires after hitting the trail, fix a blown tire on the trail, or to dry your dishes at the campsite – the uses are endless.

But to ensure you’re getting the most out of your compressor, we’ve put together a list of tips and tricks that every ARB Air Compressor owner should know.  They are sure to make your life easier after a long day on the trail.

What should I do to maintain my ARB Air Compressor?

One of the many great benefits of an ARB Air Compressor is the fact that they are practically maintenance free. The only routine maintenance that should be performed is cleaning of the air filter. 

Simply remove the filter cover from the filter housing which will expose the sintered filter disk. Remove the disk and place it under running water for a quick and thorough cleaning. If the compressor is used often, best practice would be to clean the filter during every engine oil change. 


ARB Pressure Control with Jeep in background

Effortless inflation & deflation, at your fingertips.

Hence its name, ARB Pressure Control, controls the pressure released by your compressor at the tip of your fingers. 

Rather than sacrificing your back and knees, crouching to the level of your tire to deflate and inflate, ARB Pressure Control provides the strain free inflation and deflation to a handheld mobile device.

Simply connect your air hose to the compressor and tire, open the pressure control app on your ARB LINX or mobile device, set the desired pressure, then forget about. Your ARB Air Compressor will inflate your tire to the set pressure and turn off once the target pressure is reached.

ARB Pressure Control is available in two different configurations: ARB Pressure Control with ARB LINX or ARB Pressure Control with Compressor Connect App.

How to get more pressure out of an ARB single motor compressor (CKSA & CKMA)?

ARB CKSA and CKMA Air Compressors include a pressure switch that regulates pressure up to 100 PSI; which is all you need in most cases. However, if you’re looking for slightly faster Air Locker engagement, need to inflate past 100 PSI, or if your air tools require more pressure, there is an alternative. The ARB Twin Compressor (CKMTA) pressure switch can be used on the smaller compressors. Simply order ARB part #180901, install it on your ARB CKSA or CKMA Air Compressor, and you will be rewarded with an output of 150 PSI.

ARB Air Compressor - Remote Coupling Hose
Tips & Tricks That Every ARB Air Compressor Owner Should Know!

How do I inflate multiple tires at once with an ARB Air Compressor?

Two and four tire inflation systems have increased heavily in popularity over the years. And although there are many different methods to tackle this project, few of them use genuine ARB parts. 

Whether you want a single remote coupling, a front and rear coupling, or a separate coupling for each tire – ARB offers all the parts and fittings needed to create this system.

Begin by determining the number of couplings you’d like (0740111) and their location on the vehicle. 

Measure the distance from each desired coupling location to the ARB Air Compressor. This will allow you to choose the appropriate length ARB stainless steel hose. Sizes range from 1 ft. to 29 ft.

Single Remote Coupling Setup:

Adapters 0740105, one ARB stainless steel hose (determine length), one surface mount coupling 0740111, and an ARB Air Hose with inflators.

Dual Remote Coupling Setup:

Adapters 0740105, two ARB stainless steel hoses (determine length), two surface mount couplings 0740111, and two ARB Air Hoses with inflators.

Quad Remote Coupling Setup:

Adapters 0740105, two ARB stainless steel hoses 0740201, two adapter T-fittings 0740103, four stainless steel hoses (determine length), four surface mount couplings 0740111, and four ARB Air Hoses with inflators.

ARB recommends adding an ARB Hose Coupling Dust Cap (0740113) to any ARB Coupling that is exposed to the elements.

ARB Remote Coupling bracket and kit also available (171314).

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