OME BP-51 High Performance Bypass Shock Absorbers

Old Man Emu is pleased to release the latest application of BP-51 High Performance Bypass Shock Absorbers engineered specifically for the Toyota Tacoma. Although there are subtle weight differences between the last generation Tacoma and the new generation, with the adjustable nature of the BP-51 the OME engineers have been able to tune and design the BP-51 package to suit both applications. This package consists of 2 front coilovers, 2 rear shock absorbers and 2 fit kits.

application guide/fitting notes

Complete Suspension Kit 2in Lift Kit 2005-On Toyota Tacoma W/ BP-51 Add

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Aftermarket 4WD suspension is extremely complex. Determining the right solution for your vehicle and your requirements demands special attention to many factors. Unlike numerous aftermarket suspension systems, which are only available in a single configuration targeting lift height, Old Man Emu offers a range of tuned and matched integrated suspension systems to ensure the right suspension is available to suit how the vehicle is outfitted and the conditions it will encounter.

Toyota Tacoma 2016-On Light Load 2in Kit Add

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Toyota Tacoma 2016-On Medium Load 2in Kit Add

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Toyota Tacoma 2016-On Heavy Load 2in Kit Add

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OME Essentials Kit

The essentials kit is ideal if you are looking to fit a larger tire and maintain stock load-carrying capacity*.

Kit (ESSENTIALS1) includes:

• Old Man Emu Coil Springs
• Old Man Emu Nitrocharger Sport Struts
• Rear Driveshaft Spacer
• Old Man Emu U-Bolt Washer & Nut
• Leaf Spring Spacer Kit 30MM

*The essentials kit is not designed to hold the weight of an aftermarket front bumper with a winch or improve load-carrying capacity over stock.

Essential Lift Kit Add

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Benefits Essentials Kit Nitrocharger Sport BP-51
Taller Ride Height
Vehicle-Specific Application
Improved Ride Quality
Enhanced Ride Control
Increased Load-Carrying
Position-Sensitive Shocks
External Reservoir


When an Independent Front Suspension (IFS) vehicle is fitted with a suspension lift, the caster and camber can be pushed outside the factory specifications. IFS vehicles generally have a few degrees of adjustment in their camber and caster from the factory. Adding Old Man Emu upper control arms brings the alignment cams back into an acceptable range for both caster and camber.


    Please note, after fitment of Old Man Emu Upper Control Arms, a wheel alignment is required. If the vehicle is fitted with aftermarket tires/wheels, fender clearance should be checked. Additional caster may be required if the tires/wheels do not clear. Wheel alignment information is included in the fitting instructions.

    The OME Upper Control Arm will provide an increase between +2.5 and +3.5 degrees of caster and up to 1.5 degrees of negative camber increase (figures based off an approximate 50mm or 2in lift).


  • Forged Ball Joint Housing
  • Forged Eyelets
  • Heavy Duty greasable Ball Joint
  • OME Ball joint protective cap
  • GIIRO bushings, free pivoting, grease free and maintenance free
  • Increased camber/caster for 2in lift
  • Mount provision for OE ABS wires
  • ARB’s Integrit powder coat finish
  • Boxed in pairs with foam inserts
  • Fitting instructions included
  • OME Branded outer sleeve
  • Tested and passed to meet VSB14 requirements

    For use with Toyota Tacoma
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