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The Off-Road Authority Since 1975



Overlanding in Australia in the 1970s meant you were a pretty decent welder – or at least knew one. Homemade 4x4 equipment was the only kind that existed, and it was no match for the Outback. A fair amount of any 4WD adventure involved layovers for repairs and calling in favors. Anthony Ronald Brown would change all that.

On an extended trip to the Top End, Tony observed first-hand the frustrations of inadequate roof racks and bumpers. He’d heard the call for better equipment and, upon returning to Melbourne, set to work fabricating roof racks in his parent’s garage. Tony understood that solid design principles paired with quality material was the only way 4x4 equipment would be able to endure the rigors of 4x4 use. His approach was eagerly embraced by off-roaders.



Tony’s business took off in a matter of months. His brothers joined the cause and the initials he etched into his finished products quickly became an emblem of off-road adventure for a nation of enthusiasts. 

Overlanding, vehicle-based adventure travel, car camping – these concepts were historically enjoyed by a select few risk-takers. Reliable equipment, however, opened the doors for a nation to explore its expansive natural beauty. In the decades that followed, the Brown brother's efforts took 4WD by storm.

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It wasn’t just fabricated products that off-roaders needed – it was suspension, recovery aids, camping equipment. In the late 1980s ARB acquired Old Man Emu and introduced the Air Locker to America. The company was first to introduce a fridge freezer tough enough for off-road use, and on the forefront of roof top tents and round driving lights as well. 

The principle that better design and better materials create a better 4WD experience hasn’t wavered. ARB continues to problem solve in the form of a hydraulic jack and a vehicle accessory interface. Steering clear of what’s flashy or trendy, its products are the antithesis of fast and cheap. ARB means what it did since its inception – gear adventurers can rely upon. It’s still about helping the friends we meet along the trail.

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