Budget-Friendly Additions That Every 4×4 Needs

24th January, 2022

Many of us don’t have an unlimited budget for our 4WDs, but not every modification needs to break the bank. However, finding a trustworthy and budget-friendly item can be challenging. In this spirit, we’ve pulled together a list of modest ‘get out there’ gear from ARB that’s within reach for any enthusiast. 

Don’t worry, modifications weren’t left behind! Included also are premium and essential mods that won’t cost you an arm and a leg and are easy to install. It’s all about having more time on the trail after all. 

ARB Adventure Light 600

Lighting is an important piece of equipment to add to every camping and tool kit. The Adventure Light will lead the way for up to six hours at its 300-lumen setting and with the press of a button, its lumens can double to 600. The solid body, rubber grip, and IP54 rating grant it a full life off the grid. A set of built-in magnets and hooks give it the stability and security to mount practically anywhere. It’s simple yet rugged design allows it to shine in all areas from the trail to your garage, and even at home during a frantic storm.


ARB Weekender Recovery Kit

A wise man once said, “expect the unexpected,” and this always rings true when exploring off-road. Even the most well-equipped 4x4s get stuck from time to time. Regardless of the type of trails you’re hitting, a solid recovery kit should remain with you when you’re off the grid. 

ARB’s Weekender Recovery Kit features the necessities:

  • ARB 17,600lbs. snatch strap (ARB705LB)
  • 2 type “S” Galvanized 4.75T rated shackles
  • Leather Recovery gloves
  • Rugged PVC recovery bag

ARB 1250 Awning

ARB Awnings are the perfect source of shelter. Whether you’re looking for relief from the scorching hot sun or need some coverage from a small storm passing through. ARB Awnings can be your source of relief when you’re looking to relax or prepare a meal.

ARB’s 1250 mm (4ft. x 6.5ft.) Awning is the perfect size and provides adequate shade for any adventure vehicle. 

Also available in 2000 mm (6.5ft. x 8.2ft) & 2500 mm (8.2ft x 8.2ft)

ARB EZ-Deflator

By far the easiest yet most effective way to gain traction is by lowering the pressure in your tires. As we all know, lower tire pressure results in a flatter tire. This increases the footprint of the tire which in return provides more grip.

ARB’s EZ-Deflator is the all-in-one tool that every 4×4 needs to gain additional traction. This deflator has a built-in gauge for monitoring and a screw-on chuck which ensures the valve core remains present. It’s available in both analog and digital gauges.

ARB High Output Compressor

On-board air compressors are accompanied by many perks. As previously discussed, deflating your tires results in more traction. However, tires should not be driven at lower pressure on the street or highway. Having an on-board or portable air compressor is the tool you need to re-inflate your tires after the trail.

Air compressors can also be used to actuate Air Lockers, airbags, air horns, air tools, and even air actuated sway bars. Additionally, they can be used to dry dishes on the campsite, fill inflatables, or blow the sand off your feet after a day at the beach.

ARB High Output Compressor

  • 12V – CKMA12
  • 24V – CKMA24
  • 50/50 Duty Cycle
  • 100PSI
  • Inflates up to a 35″ tire

tire speedy seal 2 repair kit

ARB Speedy Seal Kit Series II

Failures off-road are bound to occur, it’s simply the nature of the beast. Tire punctures and tears are among the most common issues we counter on the trail. Although it is a good idea to carry a spare, repairing a tire can often be easier and faster than changing one.
ARB’s Speedy Seal Kit is an all-in-one tire repair kit containing all the tools, plugs, and spare parts you need to get back on the trail.

ARB Differential Covers

ARB products aren’t just built for looks – they are crafted for purpose and the ARB Differential Covers are no exception. Each cover is significantly thicker and beefier than the factory cover it replaces. ARB Differential Cover holds up against impact with rocks and debris that are commonly encountered on the trail. 

They also make changing differential fluid a breeze with an integrated dipstick and drain plug. This allows enthusiasts to change their differential fluid without the hassle of removing the cover.

A feature that sets ARB’s Differential Covers apart is added strength to the axle. The computer-optimized, cross-brace design built into the differential cover increases structural rigidity of the axle by acting as a truss.

Differential Breather

ARB Differential Breather Kit

You don’t shy away from a little splish-splash and we like your style. Whether  you make frequent or just occasional river crossings, a differential breather relocation kit is an absolute necessity. Imagine it as a snorkel for your breathers; this budget-friendly add-on raises the breathers on your drivetrain components to ensure they do not encounter water, mud, or any other trail debris that may cause damage to your drivetrain. Peace of mind usually comes at a high cost, but this approachable essential will cover two breathers for less than $80 and its $40 add-on will relocate an additional pair.