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12th January, 2021

Vehicle Storage Solutions



Running out of space is bound to happen when gearing up for a big trip. With multiple large items in the way, searching for a single piece of equipment becomes dreadful. ARB’s Modular Drawer Systems make better use of your space by providing storage, organization, and security packed into a single system. Lockable and capable of holding 300lbs, this system is suitable for every off-roader and overlander.


ARB offers a full line of vehicle specific drawer systems that include the drawer(s), installation kit, and side floor kit; however, ARB Drawers are completely universal. If there is not a vehicle specific kit for your vehicle, simply measure your cargo area to determine which drawers fit. Measure the width in-between the wheel wells and the height taking note of any interferences. When measuring the depth, account for the tilt of the rear seat and the closed location of the tailgate. These measurements will allow you to determine which drawer to choose. For larger drawers, sizes 945 and up, we offer a universal side floor kit which will give the system a factory look while also providing a secure platform. These blank kits can be cut to match your vehicle’s interior contours. They will also act as a secure cubby with a removable top.

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Being completely modular with more than 200 different possible configurations, you can pick and choose which ARB Roller Drawer components suit your needs.


This traditional roll out drawer, provides 8.5 inches of internal storage height that supports up to 300lbs. The fixed top also allows for additional storage or additional drawers to be stacked on top, rated to 300lbs. ARB Roller Drawers are available in five different sizes.


The perfect fridge slide alternative, these small drawers add less than six inches to the height of your vehicle’s floor and provide three inches of storage height. The top slides out which allows for easy access to your fridge or other accessories.


Just like the roller floor but with an extra inch of depth. This provides additional storage without compromising the height of your vehicle’s floor. ARB Mid-Height Roller Floor is the perfect option if you’re stuck between the roller floor and roller drawer roller floor.


The roller drawer roller floors provide the storage of the traditional roller drawer with the feature of the roller floors sliding top. ARB Roller Drawer Roller Floors are available in four different sizes.



Installing the drawers is pretty straight forward. The installation consists of disassembling the drawer, placing it in your vehicle, drilling holes into the floor to mount the drawer, and then reassembling. Each drawer comes with its own installation kit which consists of mounting hardware, seals to prevent leaks into your cab, and keys to lock the drawer handles. Be sure to follow the instructions provided with the drawer along with the instructions included in the side floor kit.

If using the universal side floor kit, create a template using cardboard. Follow the contours of the interior trim and wheel wells then trace it onto the cardboard. Cut the cardboard to shape and ensure it matches the interior. You can then cut the side floor panel to match your template.



Keep your drawers organized with ARB’s Cargo Dividers or Cargo Organizer. ARB’s Cargo Dividers can be used to create compartments in your ARB Drawers. They are available in two different sizes; DD435 for drawers that are 17 inches wide and DD465 for drawers that are 18 inches wide. ARB’s Cargo Organizers are another option to organize your drawers. These fully secure bags make packing for a trip easy and are designed to fit perfectly into ARB Drawers. They are available in three different sizes; small, medium, and large.

The ARB Roller Floors and Roller Floor Roller Drawers are a great fridge slide alternative. The slide will give you easy access to your fridge while also providing additional storage. Make sure the fridge is secure to the top of the drawer with either the ARB Fridge Tie Down kit or the mounting feet located on the bottom of the fridge. Be sure to also use the ARB Cable Guide, it keeps your fridge cord from getting snagged when opening and closing the roller floor.

Have you ever tried to take multiple items out of your ARB fridge but had nowhere to place them? Have you ever tried finding clean bench space to make lunch? We have the solution. ARB offers a stainless steel sliding table that attaches to the top of the ARB Outback Solutions roller drawer. This can be deployed when the drawer is in either the open or closed position.

Don’t forget the patches! ARB’s high-grade carpeting also makes for a good place to display your patch collection.

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