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Levi Shirley

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The Rig

Ultra4 4400 Unlimited Class

Offroad Amoury EuroFighter Chassis

The Build

Engine: LT5

Transmission: Zero Gravity Performance

Axles: Spidertrax Pro Series Housing

Lockers: ARB Air Lockers Front/Rear

Tires: Yokohama GEOLANDER

Suspension: IFS / Solid Axle Rear (King Shocks)

Levi Shirley, a Western Kansas native, has etched his name into the history books of off-road racing. From the early days of circle track racing to dominating the off-road scene, Levi's journey may be unorthodox but it is nothing short of extraordinary.


From Circle Tracks to Off-Road Dominance

Levi's journey has not only spanned the rugged landscapes of America but has also left an indelible mark on the circuits in Europe. Hailing from a background of circle track racing, Levi's competitive spirit thrived in the tight turns of the track. However, it was his love for off-road adventures that ultimately claimed his heart.

"In 2007, we started with (circle track racing), and that's when I was first introduced to the ARB stuff, and there's nothing better. It really gave me an advantage on the track, doing the workhorse stuff, you know, tight turns and stuff like that, to not have a rear end that would be locking up and pushing you through corners. That was key, key to have."


Transition to Ultra4 Racing

Around 2010, Levi transitioned into the challenging realm of Ultra4 racing, a move that marked a significant shift in his off-road career.

Throughout this journey, one constant remained—the presence of ARBs in his vehicles.


"I race all over the world. I race in Europe, I race in the States, East Coast, West Coast, you name it. I race a lot of tree environments. It's a major, major key to be able to have that ARB, to be able to disengage, engage it when I need it. That way, it's not pushing you through corners like a spool or a Detroit or anything else would. So, it gives me a major advantage over my competitors that don't have ARB."

In 2015, Levi proved himself as a top contender by clinching a remarkable 3rd place at the notorious King of the Hammers race in Johnson Valley, CA. Known as the toughest off-road race in North America, this achievement catapulted Levi into the spotlight, showcasing his ability to navigate treacherous terrains with precision and speed.

The 2015 racing season witnessed his incredible consistency, marked by an impressive five top-ten finishes; ultimately securing his name as an elite contender in the world of off-road racing.


In 2021, Levi took home a remarkable 3rd-place victory in the 4800 Class of the KOH Every Man Challenge.


Levi Shirley's rise to the top was no walk in the park. However, his passion and determination from the circle track to the dirt course has ultimately secured his name as an elite contender in the world of off-road racing. As he continues to conquer off-road terrains worldwide, the Air Locker advantage remains a constant companion.

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