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Shannon Campbell


In the heart of the off-road racing community, the name Shannon Campbell roars. Beyond his reputation as a skilled racer, Campbell is a family man whose passion for off-road adventure has transcended generations. Described by those who know him as the nicest guy you'll ever meet, Shannon Campbell possesses an uncanny ability to transform from a polite, humble individual into a fearless off-road warrior the moment he takes the wheel. However, his prowess extends beyond the driver's seat. Campbell is renowned as one of the best builders in the off-road industry, crafting his own machines from top to bottom. These mechanical marvels, aptly termed "Monster Machines," are not just vehicles; they are works of art that reflect Campbell's dedication.

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Family Ties

Shannon Campbell's off-road legacy doesn't end with him; it extends to the next generation. His children, Bailey and Wayland, have inherited not only his last name but also his passion for off-road racing. Affectionately known as his worst nightmare on race day, Bailey and Wayland bring a level of talent to the track that surpasses even their father's dreams. Pushing each other to the limits, is nothing short of extraordinary – a testament to the Campbell spirit of doing whatever it takes to win.

Locked & Loaded

Campbell's introduction to ARB 4x4 dates back to his teenage years when they found a place in one of his first Jeeps. Now, they have become an indispensable part of the "Monster Machines" that dominate the Ultra4 series.

"I was a teenager when I found out about Air Lockers...they were in one of my first they're in our Ultra4 cars, for maneuvering, being able to unlock it when you want," Campbell attests. This quote encapsulates the versatility and control that ARB Air Lockers provide, offering the capability to unlock and navigate challenging terrains with precision.

"Air Lockers have a big of the things we like about it is you can unlock it and use your cutting brakes and make the car turn on a dime when you need to...once we get in the rocks we unlock and we'll use the cutting brakes to maneuver around all the soon as we hit the desert will lock it back up."

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Family Business

The King of the Hammers stands as the pinnacle of off-road racing challenges globally, known for its extreme toughness where merely crossing the finish line represents a significant accomplishment for most contenders. In the 2017 Ultra4 King of the Hammers, Shannon Campbell found himself in a unique and intense situation, facing off against none other than his son, Wayland Campbell.

During the race, Shannon encountered a formidable obstacle when one of his tires separated from the driver-side wheel. Aware of Wayland's proximity in both distance and time, Shannon faced a critical decision. Despite the tire issue, he made the strategic choice to press on without swapping tires. As the race progressed, the tire eventually completely detached, leaving Shannon racing on just the wheel. However, the presence of his front ARB Air Locker proved to be a game-changer.

Reflecting on the intense moment, Shannon Campbell recalled, "When Wayland and I battled it out in 2017, and I came in with one wheel and that wheel was spinning, but because I had the Air Locker, I could lock it up and still had the all-wheel drive."

In a display of determination, high race IQ, and the advantage provided by the ARB Air Locker, Shannon Campbell secured the 1st place position, rightfully earning the title of the 2017 "KING" of the Hammers. Although Wayland crossed the finish line first, Shannon had a faster time by 28 seconds. The 2017 King of the Hammers became an iconic chapter in the Campbell family's off-road racing legacy, demonstrating their resilience and ability to triumph even in the face of extreme challenges.


An Astonishing Track Record

Shannon Campbell's trophy cabinet is overflowing with championships and titles, a testament to his unparalleled skill and the reliability of the equipment he trusts. From being crowned "KING" of the Hammers multiple times to conquering various Ultra4 series races, Campbell's journey is marked by a relentless pursuit of excellence.

2008 “KING” of the Hammers
2011 2x “KING” of the Hammers
2011 Ultra4 Series Champion
2012 3rd King of the Hammers
2013 2nd King of the Hammers
2013 Ultra4 National Champion
2013 Ultra4 Sportsman of the Year
2014 2nd Ultra4 (East) Series
2016 4th King of the Hammers
2016 1st Ultra4 Stampede
2016 3rd Ultra4 (West) Series
2016 2nd Ultra4 National Series
2017 3x “KING” of the Hammers
2017 1st UTV King of the Hammers
2017 1st Ultra4 UTV Badlands
2018 6th King of the Hammers
2018 2nd Ultra4 West Series
2019 3rd King of the Hammers
2019 4th UTV King of the Hammers
2019 2nd Ultra4 National Champ
2020 9th Ultra 4 National Series
2021 14th King of the Hammers
2021 6th Ultra4 (West) Moab, UT
2022 7th King of the Hammers
2022 4th Ultra4 (West) Moab
2022 4th Ultra4 (East) Crandon
2023 5th Ultra4 (West) Havasu


As we navigate the thrilling landscape of off-road racing with Shannon Campbell, we witness more than just a man conquering terrains; we witness a family, a legacy, and a testament to the power of passion and innovation. The Campbell trio, fueled by the spirit of competition and a shared love for the off-road lifestyle, continues to leave an indelible mark on the racing world. With ARB Air Lockers available at the push of a button, the Campbells prove that success on the track is not just about speed but also about mastering every challenge with precision and control.

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