Air Locker Sponsored Driver Jason Scherer Wins 2019 King of the Hammers….Again

5th March, 2019

Air Locker® history has been made….again. Not only has an ARB Competition Edition Air Locker equipped Ultra4 car won the King of the Hammers race three years in a row, but ARB sponsored driver Jason Scherer is the first to win back-to-back.

Not familiar with the King of the Hammers race? King of the Hammers began in 2008 and was instantly regarded as one of the most technically challenging races in the world. Since the first official race in 2008, ARB has been a frequent vendor displaying the latest product and has continued technical support to all those competing. Ultra4 racers know they can not only count on the reliability and durability of ARB products, but also the ARB team to be knowledgeable and supportive during the race week.


The extreme racing conditions of the King of the Hammers, the kick-off race of the Ultra4 series, has driven ARB product improvement. From the abuse that Air Locker endure during the race; engineers have made continuous improvements over the years. Such improvements include new heat-treating processes, forged internal gears, and a new-wave spring for faster disengagement. These improvements have been implemented across the entire Air Locker product line to ensure that both your daily driver and weekend trail wheeler have the latest Air Locker technology available to take you wherever you want to go.

ARB’s dedicated team of engineers recently developed, two competition edition Air Lockers. Based on the Ford 9” differential, the RD99CE (35-spline) and the RD249CE (40-spline) pushed the limits of Air Locker design. New features were developed like a ring-gear bolt-locking system and a supercar heat-treat process that improved the overall case strength by 290%. All of these changes make the competition edition lockers the perfect choice for serious Ultra4 racers and it was fitting that the ARB Air Locker was named the official locking differential of Ultra4.

Top drivers of the King of Hammers trust in the ARB Air Lockers. The past 3-time king Shannon Campbell, his son and daughter Wayland and Bailey Campbell, Levi Shirley and past king Loren Healy all compete using and trusting the competition edition Air Locker. But this year all eyes were on last year’s king Jason Scherer.


On a cold and frosty morning, Jason’s Air Locker equipped #76 car was ready to take on the 235 miles of desert and rock in front of 50k+ race fans. After a flawless high speed first lap which consists of mostly desert terrain, it was time for two laps of rocks where the Air Locker really shines. The rock trails of Johnson Valley consist of tight and twisty lines with SUV sized boulders thrown in the mix. The Air Locker allows the drivers to properly and effectively select their lines and easily steer their race machines to quickly overcome obstacles as fast as they can. When needed, 100% traction is engage with the simple flip of a switch and the throttle press of 800+ horsepower.


A true testament of the brutality of the race, only 29 of the 111 racer would finish before the official cutoff time due to mechanical issues. However for Jason, after the 2 laps in some of the hardest rock terrain in North America, Jason would be the first car across the line in six hours and 32 minutes and shortly after officially named the 2019 King of the Hammers.


Other notable finishes, Shannon Campbell finished a strong 3rd place after fighting some mechanical issues during the race. Long time sponsored driver Brad Lovell finishing 2nd in the 4800 class with Jimmy Jack and Justin Reece winning the 4500 and 4600 Every Man Challenge classes.