Heavy Load Suspension Guide

17th January, 2022

Two factors that should play a role in your suspension decisions are whether the vehicle is a daily driver and weekend warrior, or strictly an off-road vehicle. We recommend that daily drivers consider only constant load while strictly off-road vehicles can consider both constant and gear load. Learn what factors play into constant weight vs loaded weights. ... Continue Reading

Field Repairs – Air Lockers

6th January, 2022

In part one we explained the basics of repairing a punctured tire, reseating a tire bead, and repairing a blown air hose. One of the many key takeaways from part one is that preparedness wins the day. But again, expect the unexpected; whether it be a punctured air hose or torn seal housing line – it's best to carry the right tools, spare parts, and guides in order to repair your Air Locker. Learn more in part two of field repairs. ... Continue Reading