What’s the diff?

29th December, 2020

What’s the Diff? Most four-wheel drive vehicles are equipped with a factory open differential in the front and rear. An open differential sends power to the tire that has the least traction and it also differentiates the speed of the tires when turning. This is perfect for on-road use but not so much for off-road […]... Continue Reading

Winter Four-Wheeling

22nd December, 2020

A group of ARB 4X4 USA team members came together recently for a day of winter four-wheeling through the Cascade Mountain Range. For some, this was their first time off-roading in the snow but for others, it was their first time engaging their vehicle in 4WD. Aside from enjoying the beautiful views that the Pacific Northwest has to offer, this trip was put together to teach our group how to drive in the snow and how to properly use off-road equipment.... Continue Reading

Side Steps vs Rock Sliders

12th December, 2020

When off-road, we encounter terrain that can damage our vehicles vital components and body panels. Bumpers will protect the front and rear and skid plates will protect the hidden components under your 4WD. But what about the side of your vehicle’s body? ... Continue Reading

What is a Vehicle Accessory Interface?

1st December, 2020

The future is here! ARB Pressure Control launched this week and allows you to air up or down your tires using a mobile app. Gone is the tedious guesswork of incrementally inflating and deflating. Instead simply connect, set your desired air pressure, and press a button.  ARB Pressure Control delivers this convenience for its industry-leading compressors, but this new offering is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to accessory control. As you continue to upgrade your rig, let us introduce you to the concept of an accessory interface.  There is a far better option for accessory control than cutting countless switches into your dashboard. Here’s how it compares in five situations.  ... Continue Reading

Recovery Basics

17th November, 2020

Swap stories with any off-road enthusiasts and tales of muddy or sandy peril are guaranteed to emerge. The risk of getting stuck is wrapped up in the joy of four wheeling and hey, we've all been there. What often separates an uneventful delay from a story-worthy catastrophe is having both proper recovery gear and a working knowledge of recovery techniques.... Continue Reading

Get Winter Ready

3rd November, 2020

ARB Regional Sales Manager Scott Frary shares his account of a “Most Difficult” trail in the Cascade Mountains that put his preparedness to the test. It pays to be winter ready, even for the most well-equipped and experienced four wheelers. ... Continue Reading

How To Choose An Old Man Emu Suspension System

27th October, 2020

At the top of every 4WDers modification list, you will find suspension. Old Man Emu offers a complete suspension system tailored to prioritize ride quality and control while accounting for the style of driving, type of terrain, and the amount of weight carried in those situations. This approach can be calibrated to suit each vehicle without the sacrifices of one-size-fits-all lift kits.... Continue Reading